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About Advance Disposal Inc. Sacramento, CA

Leading Provider of Dumpster Rentals From Sacramento to Elk Grove and Beyond

Who we are: My name is Justin Dambacher, owner of Advance Disposal Inc. providing many waste management services to Greater Sacramento. I’m proud to be a BSA Eagle Scout and United States patriot. We live in the greatest country on the Planet defended by a 100% volunteer army that is the best in the world.  I have owned this company since November of 2004 and have been working hard to meet your needs with hard working honest staff that care about your project. Located in Sacramento, we specialize in dumpster rentals for theElk Grove area and Sacramento area. Give us a call today if you have any questions regarding any of the dumpster rental services we provide.

We don’t want to be your garbage man, We want to be your “refuse relocation concierge”

  • We salute every person currently working to defend this country and thank all those who have served and given their lives in the past for freedom.
  • Give me a chance to prove how hard I’ll work to make your job go as smoothly as possible. We have a “Get’er Done” attitude and will do what it takes to make your life easy.
  • We know how to serve people like you because we are people like you. We let the big companies set standard, then we exceed that standard in price, customers service, simplicity, and quality of overall experience.
  • We want to make your job simple, cost-effective, and straight forward. We want to give you what you need when you need it.
  • We want to save you the time and cost of late deliveries or no shows.

You have labored on-site costing you money, and we know that we know we can make or break the profitability or success of your job. No one is perfect, but we will try. That’s our mark. We set the bar high and shoot for perfection. Part of making the success of your job is up to you, you have to tell us what you want. You have to communicate your needs. We can’t guess what you want, but we can promise that if you tell us what you need we will do everything within our power to get that done.

Our answer is always “Yes”, yes we can do it, the price may vary, but if you want me to park a dumpster on your roof I’ll rent a helicopter and get that done. If it’s legal I can do it, and for a fair price.

Just give us a call or contact us via our contact page and we will answer all your questions.

We want your business,
call us now,

Advance Disposal Inc.
7140 Tokay Avenue, Sacramento, CA 95828
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A Note From Justin (Advance Disposal Inc.)

If you’re using one of our competitors, you’re throwing money in the trash!

We are fast, courteous, and on point. Our billing is clear, and we don’t hide fees. We don’t force you into a contract, you can fire me anytime I deserve it. We don’t force you into a scheduled service where we get paid to swap out empty dumpsters.

We can do an on-call service and save you big money over a year. Most companies find that seasonality will fluctuate their garbage generation by as much as 40%, just request a Dumpster Rental today and we can show you how you can save money.

This means in your off-season you are paying for loads that are empty. Will call service means you only pay to haul off full dumpsters. Our staff is made up of very few people. We are the little fish, and the owners of the company are in the office 60 hours a week. We work hard to cut out the fat and give you what you need.

Garbage hauling is more than just trucking. Our paperwork is impeccable. We have what you need on each receipt. Tonnage, dumpsite info, even dump tag numbers. You can verify the weight of any of your loads directly with the dumpsite to make sure you are paying a fair price and that we are being honest about our tonnages. No hidden fees, we don’t charge surcharges for fuel, environmental fees, etc. If we need to raise our price we just call you and have a polite conversation.

If fuel prices go way up plan to get that call, but we are not going to have a % fee on top of every bill to hide the actual price of the service. If you want to talk to the boss you can always reach the owner of the company. We are local, we are fair, and we are upfront with our prices and service.

Don’t be fooled by a low sticker price on Sacramento Dumpster Rentals that leads to hidden fees, fuel charges, and horribly unclear paperwork. Let’s not waste fuel and burn resources hauling empty loads, if we can save you 4 hauls a year it will bring our total cost per year below any of our competitors that demand a weekly or scheduled contract. If you don’t like us, fire us…… We deserve to be fired if we screw up. We don’t use contracts to ensure your customer loyalty. We use hard work and have, hands down, the best customer service in the industry to earn your business every day.

Justin Dambacher

Call us 916.444.8676 or fill out the form on our website.