Concrete Recycling and Waste Management Sacramento


Dumpster Rentals and Waste Management for Concrete and Removing Concrete Driveways in Sacramento, CA

Here at Advance Disposal Sacramento, we try to be as environmentally responsible as possible about all the waste we take away. One way we accomplish this is through concrete recycling.

In the past, waste management companies would take care of excess concrete by simply taking it to a landfill. Obviously, this wasn’t good for the environment, and it was also very wasteful because the concrete was not reused.

Now, concrete recycling is actually fairly standard for waste removal companies and local demolition companies in Sacramento. When roads are repaved or replaced, the old concrete is frequently sent to be recycled. The same is true for buildings that are demolished, or any other project in which concrete is sent away. At Advance Disposal Sacramento, we believe in protecting the environment and using our planet’s resources responsibly. Therefore we always send our concrete for concrete recycling, whenever it is possible.

How does concrete recycling work?

There are several steps to recycling concrete.

First, the concrete is crushed. This reduces the concrete to a sort of chunky gravel. This can be used as it is for base gravel layers that do not have to be fine; for example, as a base layer for paving roads.

Second, the crushed concrete is sorted and cleaned. Materials that cannot be included in recycled concrete, such as wood, food, or organic waste, must be removed. Contaminated concrete, which has this sort of waste in it so that it can’t be separated out, is discarded. Sorting and cleaning happens with sieves, and it can also happen with hand sorting.

Third, the cleaned concrete is crushed again until it is a fine, uniform texture. The highest quality of crushed concrete can be used in making new concrete. Lower quality concrete can be used as gravel for a wide variety of construction needs.

What if there is re-bar in the concrete?

Re-bar is not a problem in concrete recycling. During the sorting and cleaning process, re-bar can be removed with magnets, with minimal labor and effort required.

What is recycled concrete used for?

There are many uses for recycled concrete, including;

  • New concrete production
  • Gravel
  • Base layer for asphalt
  • Stream bank erosion prevention
  • Landscaping stone
  • Mulch
  • Retaining walls
  • Privacy fence construction
  • And more!

How can my waste concrete be recycled?

Give us a call, tell us what you have, and we will schedule a dumpster rental to be dropped off. We offer rock-box dumpster rentals specifically designed for recycling concrete. Please call before-hand and tell us why type or rock or concrete you are recycling. You can feel good because your waste concrete isn’t on your hands anymore, and even more because it is doing something good for the environment. Be responsible with our natural resources: recycle, don’t fill up landfills.