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Dumpster Rental in Sacramento With Us.

Since 2004, Advance Disposal has worked to earn our customer’s stamp of approval as the top dumpster rental in Sacramento for commercial or residential projects. We are on time, on budget, and have highly knowledgeable staff in their craft.
Below, you will find a step-by-step on how to rent the best dumpster option for you.

It’s as Easy as:

Step 1

It’s as easy as sharing with us your full address, including zip code, what type of debris will be put in the dumpster and we are ready for step 2! 

Step 2

Space for the Dumpster to be parked Sizes of Dumpsters / Room To Open and Operate Dumpsters 1 Foot On Each Side / Room for the Truck to Maneuver

Keep in mind your dumpster sizes (10′, 20′ and even 40′ in length) so we would need an extra foot on each side to open and operate them, and last but very important, there must be space in your surroundings for the truck to maneuver and drop or pick up the dumpster.

Step 3

Ways to Place an Order / Book Online / Call / Email / Text Message

Ready to place an order? You can place one in multiple ways. You could call us, text us, email us or request a dumpster online. We are ready to provide you with excellent service.

Our Service Area for

Dumpster Rental in Sacramento.

If you are in the green area of the map or one of the zip codes listed, we can deliver dumpsters to you. Our team is standing by and would love to talk to you and answer any questions you may have to rent dumpsters with us.

Sizes and Forms of Usage

Size 10 Yard Rock 10 Yard 20 Yard 40 Yard
Included Tonnage Call Us 2 3 5
Days Included 5 5 5 5
Price Per Add’L Day $25 $25 $25 $25
Holds Up To 10 tons max /5 pickup truck loads 10 tons max /5 pickup truck loads 10 tons max/10 pickup truck loads 10 tons max /20 pickup truck loads
Dimensions 12′ L x 8′ W x 4′ H 12′ L x 8′ W x 3.5′ H 16′ L x 8′ W x 5′ H 22′ L x 8′ W x 7′ H
Ideal For Concrete recycling,
dirt, sod and asphalt
Home Move-Outs and
Small Contractor Jobs
Home Move-Outs and
Medium Contractor Jobs
Home Move-Outs and
Large Contractor Jobs


Accepted Material amoung our Waste Disposal Services

  • Trash
  • Construction debris
  • Green waste Removal and Green Waste Dumpster Rentals
  • Sod (lawn removal) SOD Waste Removal
  • Wood Waste Removal
  • Roofing Waste Removal
  • Dirt Waste Removal
  • Concrete/Asphalt Waste Removal
  • Cardboard, paper, metal or other source separated recycling.

Please consider these are materialsyou can’t put in the dumpster:

  • No hazardous waste.
  • No TV
  • No tires
  • No car batteries
  • No propane tanks
  • No motor oil
  • No Poisons
  • No bulk chemicals
  • No Paint
  • No fluorescent light tubes
  • Rail Road ties or pressure treated wood

Now, Decide Which Dumpster is Best for Your Needs.

So now that you know our dumpster sizes and service area, you are prepared to choose a suitable dumpster according to the items you need to dispose of and your location. If you are still doubting, our team can help you decide on the perfect waste dumpster rental option to optimize your job and make your work easier.

Where should you put your Dumpster?

The best idea is to put the dumpster on your property. Sacramento waste management laws and requirements are pretty strict but let us help you understand them a little better.
You can put them on the street if you are in the City of Sacramento, but you need to contact the code enforcement at the number or website below to get permission. Call us and our friendly sales staff can walk you through this process. 

Inspection & Enforcement:
Call: 916-808-6810

In all other areas of Sacramento County, we have to put the dumpster on your property. It is legal to leave our truck connected to the dumpster and have the truck stand by while you load it. There is a stand-by fee, but in some cases, this is the best solution to load up a concrete driveway or another job where you have no place to put the dumpster.

Our staff has this solution and many more!

Choose the format you’d like to reach out to our sales staff.

If you have a doubt, the easiest way to get more information is to contact our sales staff. We want to get to know you and the inconveniences you are having so our friendly staff can guide you in the best possible way.

You can definitely count on us doing a remarkable job for you!

Schedule a Free Quote Today! We are always willing to listen to your needs.

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